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love and the royal wedding

Aren’t they cute? I think they really are so in love with each other which I couldn’t say the same for Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Hope the paparazzi would leave Kate alone and not suffer the same fate as … Continue reading


29. April 2011 by admin
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let there be light

    And there it was.  Installed just before my son’s birthday party.  It was a gift from my dad.  He probably took pity on me for not having a decent light fixture in the most important part of the … Continue reading


26. April 2011 by admin
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black uniform concept

One advantage of working at home, time is never an issue.  I can do stuff at 3 in the morning or 11 at night even in my pajamas.  Nobody would care.  So I’ve been up since 5 in the morning … Continue reading


24. April 2011 by admin
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happy weekend

One of the things I “need” to do before I die Wouldn’t it be fun? Yeah, I have a weird humor. I find pleasure and happiness in the oddest of things Happy weekend, everyone. Nude or not.   via jackie … Continue reading


22. April 2011 by admin
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new garden

Just had it fixed in time for my son’s birthday party.  The landscape artist did the whole garden in less than two hours.  It’s not that big to begin with but I was genuinely amazed at how easy it was … Continue reading


20. April 2011 by admin
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nothing like the usual

  There’s nothing like unusual photos to make your creative juices flowing.  I love that these photos are beyond normal or common.  Now I’m thinking of going out of town and just take photographs of people’s back and feet.   … Continue reading

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18. April 2011 by admin
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